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Inclusive Self Care in Sonoma County, CA

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Self Care for the Modern World

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Meet your Guide to your Favorite Self!

Hi Friend! 

I’m Dr. Melissa aka My Self Care Doc and I have been helping folx feel amazing in and about their skin for over two decades. It is truly my passion to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to turn every day mundane activities into self care rituals.

I have been fortunate to receive multiple awards for my clinic and services over the years and it would be an honor to share with you my unique blend of Eastern & Western self care practices.

Whether you want to brighten and tighten skin naturally or learn techniques to reduce stress and pain in your life you have come to the right place! I believe self care is essential for finding your favorite self and should never feel like a chore. 

I am proud to offer my services in Sonoma County and Beyond 💖

Dr. Melissa is the founder of:

Here are Just a Few of the Modalities Dr. Melissa Utilizes:


Clinical Skincare

acupressure treatment


ear seeds treatment

Ear Seeds

Chinese Herbs

Herbal Medicine

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Self Care Coaching

Essential Oils


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Every Body Is Welcome:

My continuing mission is to celebrate health & beauty beyond western standards by providing customized self care techniques and products from around the world.

My #1 goal is to help you find your glow in a body liberating, gender affirming and judgment free zone.

Come experience natural care for:

More than Skin Deep

I specialize in holistic techniques from East and West including Acupressure, Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS), Vagal Nerve Stimulation  (VNS), Auriculotherapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Chinese Herbalism, Korean Facial Treatments, Spicule Peels, Facial Cupping & Gua Sha designed to help you reach your skin and wellness goals without the need for more drastic interventions.

In addition, I offer a wide range of Chinese Herbal Formulas, Epigenetic Testing, Skincare ProductsWestern Supplements and EarSeeds.

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Get Guidance From Anywhere

Don’t live in Sonoma County? No problem! 
I have a ton of online services available and can drop ship products and tools nationwide.
My Self Care Doc
1500 Valley House Drive
Suite 210
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(Inside SOMO Cowork)

Dr. Melissa's Affiliations include: ​​

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