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Four Reasons Self-Care Should be a Priority in Your Life

Four Reasons Self-Care Should be a Priority in Your Life

Self-care has become a trendy buzzword recently, and if you look at the research, the benefits to practicing regular self-care are undeniable. As My Self Care Doc, I wanted to take some time today to talk about my favorite topic. Self-care is simply taking steps to address your physical and emotional health needs to the best of your ability. Self-care is so much more than the glossy instagrammable vacations and perfectly curated luxury items. Though those can be fantastic, it is truly the little rituals we do every day to become our favorite selves. Self-care is not being selfish or self-indulgent, in fact I love to remind people that self-care is essential.

If you feel like you have an overwhelming to-do list that depletes you mentally and physically, you might want to take inventory and see where you can squeeze in some extra self care. Self-care is truly the key to your favorite self and to improving your physical and mental health.

The best part about self-care is that it includes a variety of activities that can range from exercise, yoga, hiking in nature, or bike riding, to quieter outlets like reading, meditation, prayer, or a warm bath. It really is up to you to determine what outlet is best for you.

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