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Detox Your Mind

Detox Your Mind


Hey there friend…I see you looking in the mirror and frowning at yourself. Are you comparing yourself to someone else, or maybe you at a different point of your life? I know how it feels and have fallen into that negative brain space before. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you realize it or not, one of the most powerful forces in your life is your self-image.  A positive, healthy self-image can carry you to heights you’ve never imagined, while a negative self-image will pin you down like a lead weight. While it can be a challenge to remain positive in our current environment it is truly in our best interest to do the work.

To a large degree your self-image is influenced by the pictures and messages you continually feed into your mind. So finding positive, uplifting messages can help to foster a healthy self image. On the flip side, reading stories of doom and despair and filling your mind with things you “should be doing” to meet our society’s unrealistic beauty and wellness standards are sure to bring you down.

Your mind, just like your body, is conditioned by the pattern of your daily habits.  If you get into the routine of finding joyful movement, reducing stress and improving your relationship with food, it is inevitable that your level of health will improve.  By the same token, not taking care of yourself, piling on stress and engrossing yourself in diet culture is like punching your ticket on the express train out of here.

By treating our minds like our bodies, and creating some healthy habits, we can make a complete shift in our mental make-up. So, while I tend not to use the word detox too much, due to its association with diet culture, it really is the best definition for what we are doing for our minds when we work towards shifting our mindset to positivity.

Detoxing your mind takes practice and discipline, but the payoff is invaluable.  The eventual goal should be to find positivity and radical self love, but you can start by challenging yourself with a few days to a week of elevating your attitude and build from there.  I highly encourage you to journal your progress and take note of the changes that you see in yourself and in those around you.

A great way to start is by replacing the negative self-talk that you force feed into your head with outrageously nutritious material. Focus on bringing positive, motivating things into your mind.  It might feel difficult at first, but I promise you it gets easier. This goes for what you watch, read, listen to, and most importantly, what you think.

Another activity that can help is to replace the dread and corruption reported on the evening news with motivational readings, spiritual study, or uplifting music. This is not to say that you should avoid what is going on in the world around you, it is a wonderful thing to be informed. However, allowing it to consume your mind will not benefit anyone. Break away from gossip and get into the habit of passing out compliments.

If negative thoughts about yourself or someone else enter your mind (and they will) work on eliminating them or putting a positive spin on them.  For example, instead of complaining that your water bill is too high, come up with creative ways to lower it or simply be thankful that you have running water at the turn of a knob. I know it sounds silly, and far easier said than done, but I promise that with practice gratitude will come easier.

Remember, you draw into your life those things that you consistently focus your time and energy on. I know that it can feel challenging at times and you may slip up a lot at first, but I promise that it gets easier. That is why I do what I do as a healer and coach. So, if you need help navigating and finding resources for your favorite self, I am here for you! Contact my office today to schedule your FREE Self Care Strategy Sesh and start (or enhance) your journey of self care.

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