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Joyful Movement Spring Cleaning

With warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s time to evaluate your movement routine and give it a Spring overhaul. While we might find comfort in being creatures of habit, it’s important to frequently switch up your routine for a few different reasons. One reason is to avoid hitting a boredom plateau. (That kind of defeats the point of Joyful Movement) But how do you know when it’s time for a change? If any of the following apply to you, it might be time to freshen things up. 

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If your routine brings with it a sense of dread, it might be time to try something new. If you aren’t making any forward progress, then it’s time to make a change. If you feel unusually tired rather than energized after your routine and you watch the clock to count down the minutes, then you definitely need to switch things up. Movement should be fun and bring you joy because our bodies are amazing!

Evaluation is Key

Before you just change everything up, make sure to take some time and evaluate your routine and how it relates to your self care goals. Does your current routine challenge you? Do you look forward to your movement sessions (or workouts if you like those terms) or dread them? With Spring here, there are lots of options to explore to help you switch up your routine. 

The first thing you can take advantage of with longer days and warmer temperatures is to take your movement outside. Sometimes a simple change in scenery is all it takes to snap out of a dull routine. Some cities offer classes in the park like yoga or aerobics or even an early morning fitness boot camp if that’s your thing. 

You also might consider registering for a walking or running club or maybe register for a 5k or hiking challenge. And with longer days, you may (or may not) want to get up a little earlier to move before your day fully begins. Sometimes, even a new pair of shoes or yoga pants can provide just the right amount of refresh. 

And if none of that works to infuse a little energy into your routine, I want to encourage you to try a new class or take a lesson. Group fitness classes can provide you with a connection to a new community and new forms of movement. Take a golf or tennis lesson with family and friends. This can also be a way to connect with your friend group or family out and experience some fresh air and activity together. 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you enjoy it. If you dread movement, then you aren’t going to reach your goals or enjoy the journey. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new. Everyone’s routine and goals are different and as individualized as you are. Find the formula that works for you and don’t be afraid to make adjustments along the way.

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