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The Durfey Difference

The Durfey Difference

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Hey Friends! Just letting you know, I’m not like a regular doctor, I’m a cool doctor. (Hopefully you get the reference 😉) If you can’t already tell, I’m a big fan of pop culture references. I also enjoy using puns, acronyms and making up silly analogies to explain self care and wellness.

My mission is simple: to help you feel amazing in and about your skin without having to resort to drastic interventions. 

My passion is inclusive medicine, and I believe that every body is beautiful and that you deserve to feel fabulous!

I promise to always continue to research and improve my skills. I am always on the lookout for new techniques and technology to give my clients the best experience possible.  I would be honored if you choose to add me to your healthcare team.

I have a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,  A Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education and multiple certifications, most of them science related.

Being a highly educated provider puts me in a unique position to study skin from multiple perspectives and traditions. My personal mottos is: “Never Stop Learning.”

I complete a minimum of 3 hours of webinars or continuing education podcasts per week and always make sure I am on the cutting edge of new research on both Eastern and Western skincare interventions.

Because my practice has a digital option you can have an appointment just about anywhere with an internet connection from any device! Yes, there is an app for that!

For those who are in Sonoma County, CA, I have two beautiful spaces for you to choose from: One is located in Petaluma just outside of downtown (so we could get dedicated parking). You will find me in the historic Burdell Building right across from the SMART Train Station. I have my own dedicated entrance for added convenience. My other location is in the beautiful SOMO Cowork building in Rohnert Park off Valley House Drive.

In Office Safety
Even before our current global crisis I went above and beyond recommended safety measures. Nowadays, I am taking things even further to make you feel safe and confident with my services. Here are just a few of the extra steps I am taking at my office: (There are many, many more that I follow to meet state and national professional guidelines) P.S. I am also fully vaccinated and boosted to protect you even more!

  1. No Glove No (Facial) Love: All facial services will be performed using non-latex gloves.
  2. Increased Single Use Skincare Products: Many of my skincare products are individually sealed, those that are not are dispensed from a sanitized bottle into a single use tray.
  3. Double Sanitizing of Equipment: All equipment will be sanitized with appropriate EPA Registered Disinfectant and then placed in a UV cabinet.
  4. Paperless Office: All of my intake paperwork is digital. All of my brochures and post treatment instructions also have digital versions and can be able to be emailed to you upon request.

As an inclusive provider, I designed my practice to be a place where everyone can be comfortable no matter their size, shape, orientation, race or gender.

I am a LGBTQIA+ friendly provider and am always happy to offer a safe and non judgmental space. It has been an honor to work with the LGBTQIA+ community.

My Practice is a Body Positive Zone, so there are a few rules that I do enforce:

  1. No Diet or Weight Talk
  2. No Body Policing (criticizing appearance based on body shape or size)
  3. No Food Shaming
  4. No Health or Concern Trolling (while I may offer you health advice based on your goals it will be from a weight-neutral place.)
  5. No Gender Policing
  6. No Ableism
  7. No Racist Beauty Standards
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