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What is Epigenetic Testing?

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As an integrated holistic provider of my biggest goals is making sure you get the best results possible. 


And I’m happy to say everything is finally coming together. 


I spent the last two decades gathering the best information, tools, and strategies to get my clients the best results possible. 


But this came at a high price. I wasted countless amounts of money, time, and energy just so my clients could fast track their results. 


Today, I am happy to say that I’ve found the missing piece I’ve been seeking.  


It’s a piece I wish I had years ago! 


As I’m sure you already know, the two most significant drivers of your health and performance are: 


1) Genes – how you were born.

2) Behavioral patterns – the choices you make on a day to day basis.


Most people only focus on behavioral patterns because that’s the easiest thing to do. 


As you can guess, only having HALF of the equations can affect your results. 


But there WAS no easy, affordable, and customized way to integrate the two…


Until Now! 


I partnered with a cutting-edge company here in the Bay Area to help with the ‘genetics’ side of things. 


I found an amazing company that uses your DNA to optimize your genetic potential. This means you’re on your way to getting the best results possible. 


They have a range of different testing kits available that we can use to help us get better results. 


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