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A blonde woman with rosacea

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  provides a safe, effective, natural, and drug-free approach to healing rosacea.  Combining ancient techniques combined with modern research can improve your skin texture and tone.


Why do we get Rosacea?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rosacea is referred to as Jiu Zha Bi or “Wine Dregs Nose.” Descriptions of this disorder were first found in one of our ancient textbooks called Huang Di Nei Jing Suwen (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine: Basic Questions).

According to TCM, acne begin internally from a constitutional imbalance and usually has a heat component. There can be a number of a root causes for rosacea from a TCM perspective including environmental or emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, improper diet or skin sensitivities.


Get Clear and Glowing with an integrated approach

Rosacea treatment with TCM is virtually painless, and a non-surgical method to reduce lesions, redness and systemic inflammation. Before using drugs or more invasive methods to clear your rosacea, consider TCM or an integrated approach. It is an effective, natural, safe, drug free and painless alternative. It really does help your whole body to look and feel better.


As a provider I customize absolutely everything so no two treatment plans will be the same. Some modalities that may be incorporated in your care include:

  • Chinese Nutrition Suggestions
  • Herbal or Supplement Therapy (internal and external)
  • Skincare Products
  • Functional Medicine Testing
  • Light Therapy
  • Professional Skincare Treatments

Contact my office today to get started on your journey to calmed skin!

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