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Skin Care Expert Sessions

Do you have no idea where to start to make lasting change in your skin? Maybe you have a shelf full of products you don’t know how to use, or maybe you are just ready to try something new in your skincare routine.

​Get expert advice from Dr. Melissa and let her help you find your best skin! 

Did you know that the ear is a map of your entire body? It’s true. It’s been proven in a ton of studies that stimulating points on your ear can have a therapeutic affect elsewhere in your body. It’s often compared to reflexology, but, of course, on the ear! ⁠

Using ear seeds to stimulate certain ear points can help with many health conditions including stress, anxiety, allergies, back pain and so much more! 

In your customized EarSeeds session Dr. Melissa will help you choose and place points on your ears and body to help with what ails you.

Do you have trouble prioritizing yourself? If you have been trying to do all the things from an empty cup it can be overwhelming. Dr. Melissa has been there and would love to share resources with you!

From mindset and meditation, to supplements, herbs and acupressure, Melissa has over a decade of experience inspiring people to love themselves a little more each day and become self care royalty.
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